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I am broadly interested in the intersections of behavior, ecology, and evolution. Taxonomically, I am most passionate about herptiles, arthropods, and fungi (i.e., the slimy yet satisfying parts of organismal biology). Check out some of my ongoing & recurring research projects!


Erdmann, J. A., O. Ljustina, and C. A. Maiese. 2018. Opheodrys aestivus (Rough Greensnake). Nocturnal foraging. Herpetological Review 49:349. (Natural history note)

Erdmann, J. A.*, C. D. Godwin, M. R. Villalba-Guerra, D. C. Campbell, J. Donini, C. E. Parker, A. E. E. Rupp, C. A. Weyand, M. A. J. Partin, T Borgardt, and C. K. Beachy. 2018. Larval Life History of the Southern Leopard Frog (Lithobates sphenocephalus) in Southeast Louisiana. Southeastern Naturalist 17:221–229. *Corresponding author

Erdmann, J. A., W. A. Estes-Zumpf, C. Snoberger, Z. J. Walker, and A. Pocewicz. 2018. Expanding knowledge of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Wyoming, USA. Herpetological Review 49:37–41

Godwin, C. D., O. Ljustina, and J. A. Erdmann. 2018. Gastrophryne carolinensis (Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad). Arboreal activity. Herpetological Review 49:95–96. (Natural history note)

Ljustina, O, J. A. Erdmann, and J. S. Doody. 2017. Nerodia clarkii (Saltmarsh Watersnake). Retreat site use. Herpetological Review 48:678–679. (Natural history note)

Erdmann, J. A. 2017. Hemidactylus parvimaculatus (Sri Lankan Spotted House Gecko). Herpetological Review 48:125. (Geographic distribution note)

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Here's where I dump various tutorials, scripts, applets, and other odds and ends that I work on.



Just somebody with an appetite for nature, among other things.

I'm James, a broadly-trained biologist with special interest in natural history – what may be considered in scientific modernity an amalgamation of biology's triple E's (ecology, ethology, and evolution). I'm currently a PhD student in the department of Integrative Biology at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK studying amphibian bioacoustics.

Some principles I [strive to] live by:

  • music is good
  • be nice to everyone, and be nicer if they're different than you
  • stop making/contributing to so much damn pollution
  • some products may be cheap, but the human, animal, and environmental harms they produce are not

You can reach me via email at [email protected]

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